ElektroHenk | Prototype design of unmanned maritime vehicle

Prototype design of unmanned maritime vehicle

  • 14 Jul

  • Tsillen

As part of a University project my team and I have created a UMV (Unmanned Maritime Vehicle) that can be operated remotely.

The project consisted of requirement engineering, technical and functional design reports, component selection, implementing a RTOS (real-time operating system), firmware and pc and web application design.



-STM34F411 Nucleo development board

-Dual brushed motor control

-Mesh netwerk with XBEE mesh modules

-SIM908 GSM module (for sending SOS messages with SMS)

-Position detection via Ublox Neo-6m GPS module

-RTOS with keil RTX

-Development with Arm Mbed platform

-Raspberry pi 2B basestation with wifi dongle for AD-HOC wifi network



End product

The base chassis is from a Chinese toy manufacturer. All the electronics were replaced with our own, only the two brushed motors remained.

The end product is made to look as stock as possible. The usb cable is temporary there for programming , normally it isn’t attached.

End product side view

End product side view

Looks can be deceiving. This UMV is fitted with:

-Stm32F411 microcontroller

-Neo 6-m GPS module

-Sim908 GSM module

-XBEE S2B PRO zigbee module

– ITG-3200 MEMS gyro

-Electronics to measure current consumption and battery voltage


The base station consisted of:

-Raspberry Pi 2B running raspbian OS

-XBEE S2B PRO zigbee module

-SIM908 GSM module

-Wifi module for AD-HOC network

-Apache webserver for the interactive web interface (via PC and Phone (with multi-touch))

-Local MQTT broker (communication between UMV and web interface)

-SQL-Lite database


My team and I ended up getting the highest grade for a excellent product which is still being used today.


For more details contact me.